There is one thing that makes your wedding unforgettable. The story of your love and friendship.

 Congratulations on your engagement. We hope you have the wedding of your dreams! 

 When you look back on your wedding photographs in 30 years, what will  you see? Did the wedding photographer capture the emotion, the love, and  the joy? Will you look natural and relaxed? We  know that one photograph can be an invaluable, perfect moment, frozen  in time. A moment that will be shared and relived through generations.  Our goal at PBD is to capture these moments. It’s been our craft for over 20 years. We invite  you to discover our passion for capturing the perfect image.  Nobody likes to look “fake or posed” in photographs, especially in their  wedding photographs.  A natural smile can be the difference between  “liking” a photograph and “absolutely loving” it. It’s a subtle art we  practice, but the results are dramatic. Relax…you’re going to look  terrific! 

Engagement Photos

Its All You


Would  you like to do your engagement session on the beach in Clear Lake? How  about at your church, country club, or walking hand in hand in a field  at sunset? PBD photographs unique engagement sessions everyday. There  are many locations for you to choose from. Your engagement  session will capture the personality of your relationship. We will even do story book weddings.


Yes We Do Bridal Sessions

 our bridal session is the first time everything comes together – your  hair, your makeup, your dress, and your wonderful shoes. Will your  session be elegant, ethereal, fun, sexy…all of the above? No problem.  You can choose to have your session in a flower garden, gazebo, church,  studio or any other location you desire. 

 “What is a bridal session, and why should I schedule one?” 


The Tradition of the Bridal Portrait Session

A bridal portrait session is a fairly old and specifically Southern  tradition that began in Europe. The bride schedules a portrait session  focusing solely on herself which takes place well before the wedding  day. She is photographed dressed in her wedding dress and She might also  have her hair and makeup done by the same person she is planning on  using for her wedding day.  The resulting bridal photos are kept secret,  and in many cases a large print from the session is later displayed at  the wedding reception.

Why Should I Schedule A Bridal Portrait Session?

Deciding whether or not you want to have your “bridals” done (that’s  industry speak) is purely a matter of personal choice! But I do think  it’s important to learn about the reasons why a bridal session can be  very beneficial. Then, you can decide for yourself whether it makes  sense for you! So, what are some great reasons as to why you should  schedule a bridal portrait session?

  • Decide whether you want to change anything about your final look  – One of the best parts about a bridal session is that you have the  opportunity to see all of the elements put together. It’s not only  exciting to see how gorgeous your hair and makeup look with your dress,  but it also gives you the opportunity to tweak anything that doesn’t  look the way you imagined. For example, if you schedule your hair and  makeup trial run for the same day as your bridal portraits, you will be  able to see how your beauty look translates in photos. Maybe it’s darker  than you imagined, and you’d like to swap that Kim Kardashian glamour  look for something more natural. Or maybe you realize that you need a  little bit of extra tailoring on your dress. This is the perfect  opportunity for a “dress rehearsal”!
  • Bridal portraits give you a bit more posing practice  – Much like your engagement session, your bridal session will give you  more one-on-one time with your photographer. You also get the chance to  practice moving AND posing in your wedding dress. When the big day  arrives, you’ll be a pro!
  • Capture beautiful, stress-free bridal portraits – Scheduling a bridal session is  the perfect time to capture photos of you all glammed up.  You’ll still  have photos taken of just you on your wedding day, but this is a chance  to get extra special photos without being worried about your timeline.  You just get to focus on looking amazing! You’re going to spend so much  time planning out your bridal “look.” It makes sense to dedicate 1-2  hours of bridal photography to capture all of your hard work!  Plus, I  personally think it’s a lot of fun!