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She’s not quite a little girl.

He still hugs you in public…for now.

Before long, tweens (10 to 12-year-olds) will become teenagers.  They’re no longer toddling around, and they haven’t reached the age  where they’re a short step behind adulthood. They’re in that “in  between” stage.

It’s not that that they’re not special. It’s just that traditionally,  people often tend to focus on milestones like the birth of a child or  graduation from high school. Because tweens fall in between, there is  often a huge chunk of time missing in the family portrait album (aside  from team shots and school photos).

I’m on a mission to change that.

If you’re new to Photography By Darren, there’s something I need to  explain before you read further.  My number one goal is to take the  best picture they’ve every seen of themselves. I want to make them look  and feel incredible in front of the camera.


I want them to feel great about who they are.

My goal is to create a positive, empowering experience. Every session is unique because I focus on what makes them…THEM!

What I love about the 10-12 age group is they are still pretty much  up for anything and love to have fun!

Why not schedule a Tween Photo Shoot Party? Or, go one step further  with a Tween Makeup and Photo Shoot Party. Now, we’re talkin’!

For group sessions, I can shoot at an outdoor location or your home.  This is a great way to celebrate a birthday or to make her slumber party  the best party ever!

Or, consider an individual studio or outdoor shoot for your son or  daughter.  Your daughter can feel like a fashion model. Your son can be a  sports hero. It’s all about innovation and imagination.

Here’s how it works….

First, I’ll ask about your tween’s interests. Then, I ask what they’d like to remember about this time in their lives.

Best Tween Photo Shoot Ideas:

  • Sports Action Shots
  • Cool Band Photos
  • Activity and Special Interest Photos
  • Fun Retro Portraits
  • Beautiful Glamour Images
  • Best Friends Forever Pictures
  • Holiday Photos

I want to give your child a fun experience…to make him or her feel incredible about the person he or she is.

If you have a tween who wants a fun and funky party session, a strong  and powerful athletic session, or a beautiful rockabilly or glamour  experience, let’s chat!

I offer a no-obligation, portrait consultation. If we’re a good match, we’ll make it happen!

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What I’m considering to be “tween” is from the age of 8 - 16 years old.

• From 8 - 10 is the first milestone that you really start to see  their personalities shine. This is also the first double digitals that  your child will hit.
• Age 11-13 is the “teen years” that shows the true “in between” stage that connects childhood and independence.
•  And from the age of 14-16 is where society views them as their “coming  of age” years. This is the time of transition and growing into maturity  and will give them the freedom to be themselves.